Asian Venous Forum

Day 1: 21 Oct 2016, Friday
(Venue: Grand Salon 1)
Day 2: 22 Oct 2016, Saturday
(Venue: Grand Salon 1)
Session I:
ASVF: Medical Management of Venous Disease
Chair: Wang Shen-ming
Session I:
ASVF: Venous Disease In Asia
0800-0810 ACCP vs UIP guidelines for VTE
Ngoh Chin Liew
0800-0810 VTE risk and prophylaxis in acute care hospitals mutinational (ENDORSE) study - Indian subset data
Ramakrishnan Pinjala
0810-0820 Medical management of thrombophlebitis
Malay Patel
0810-0820 Endovenous ablation experience in Nepal
Sandeep Pandey
0820-0830 Newer anticoagulants
Pankaj Handa
0820-0830 Management of CVI in Bangladesh
Abul Hasan Mohammad
0830-0840 Prevention and management of VTE in China
Fu Xian Zhang
0830-0840 VTE in major acute trauma in tertiary Singapore hospital
Teo Li Tsern
0840-0850 Effects of compression therapy on the venous system
Jean Francois Uhl
0840-0850 Use of customised pressure bandages to improve efficacy of compression bandaging for venous ulcers in Thailand
Nuttawut Sermsathanasawadi
0850-0900 Manual lymphatic drainage for venous ulcers
Prabhu Premkumar
0850-0900 VLU management in the Middle East
Al-Salman Mussad
0900-0910 Evidence for phlebotonic drugs in CVI
Armando Mansilha
0900-0910 CVI management in the Philippines
Josefino Sanchez
0910-0920 Sulodexide in the prevention of VTE - SURVET study
Evi Kalodiki
0910-0920 Early experience of radiofrequency ablation in Borneo
Benjamin Leong
0920-0930 Discussion 0920-0930 Discussion
0930-1000 Tea Break 0930-1000 Tea Break
Session II:
ASVS/Asian Wound Care Council: Wound Care For The Vascular Surgeon
Chair: Keith Harding, John Lantis
Session II:
ASVF: Deep Venous Interventions
Chair: Seshadri Raju, Alun Davies
1000-1010 Management of pain in arterial and venous ulcers
Keith Harding
1000-1012 Ambulatory Venous Plethysmography in deep venous disease
Chris Lattimer
1010-1020 Negative pressure wound therapy - Current concepts and developments
1012-1024 CT venography anatomy in chronic venous disease
Jean Francois Uhl
1020-1030 Hydrocolloid, Hydrofiber and Hydrogels - Understanding dressings
Harikrishnan Nair
1024-1036 Endovenectomy with iliac vein stenting - rationale and technique
Robbie George
1030-1040 Dressings to control infection in vascular ulcers
John Lantis
1036-1048 Crossing the lesion in complex chronic total Iliac vein occusions
Stephen Black
1040-1050 The science of Topical oxygen for vascular ulcers
Paul Hayes
1048-1100 An IVUS protocol for iliac vein stenting
Sriram Narayanan
1050-1100 Ideal primary interface dressing for Venous ulcer compression
Shoaib Padaria
1100-1112 Deep Venous reconstruction surgery in an era of iliac vein stenting
Alun Davies
1100-1110 The evidence for Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
Luin Tongson
1112-1124 Management of complications and occlusions after iliac vein stenting
Sheshadri Raju
1110-1120 Superior Three-Dimensional Cell Ingrowth in Acellular Fish Skin Graft Compared to Human Skin/Amnion/Chorion Tissues
John Lantis
1124-1130 Panel Discussion With Audience On Deep Venous Interventions
1120-1130 Discussion
1130-1230 ASVS 2016 Opening ceremony
Grand Ballroom (Level 3)
1130-1230 Alexandre Chao Memorial Lecture
Grand Ballroom (Level 3)
1230-1330 Servier Lunch Symposium
Chairperson: Andrew Nicolaides
Modern Varicose Vein Treatment – The Singapore Experience
John Tan
CVD treatment from C0s to surgery: new evidences with Daflon 500mg
Armando Mansilha
1230-1330 Lunch
Session III:
ASVF/UIP Plenary: The Evidence For Venous Surgery
Chair: Yew Pung Leong, Andrew Nicolaides
Session III:
Carotid 1: Controversies in Management
Chair: Edward Choke, Wang Jin Song
1330-1350 Keynote lecture
A Journey in Venous Surgery
Seshadri Raju
1330-1350 Carotid Keynote
Lessons Learned from 1000+ Carotid Endarterectomies
Ross Naylor
1350-1400 Quality outcomes in Venous disease - The Healthcare Provider's Perspective
Louis Fligelstone
1350-1400 Cochrane review: Carotid Endarterectomy for Symptomatic Carotid Stenosis
Kittipan Rerkasem
1400-1410 Scoring systems for outcome assement in Chronic Venous Insufficiency
Alun Davies
1400-1410 Treatment on carotid body tumor--experience from one single tertiary centre in China
Wang Jinsong
1410-1420 The Evidence for non thermal endovenous ablation
Andrew Jones
1410-1420 Tips/Tricks for accessing high carotid lesiosns
Paul Hayes
1420-1430 Standardising accreditation and training in Phlebology
Oliver Lyons
1420-1430 How to Manage carotid artery Aneurysms and the carotid dissection.
Ross Naylor
1430-1440 Venous hemodynamics in varicose vein surgery
Dong-ik Kim
1430-1440 Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital Experience on CEA
Murnizal Dahlan
1440-1450 Iliac venous stenting - a paradigm shift in management of CVI
Stephen Black
1440-1450 Antegrade approach in left common carotid artery ostial stenting.
Lei Li
1450-1500 UIP and its relationship with the Asian Venous Forum
Malay Patel
1450-1500 What is the effect of statins on carotid atherosclerotic plaques: results of clinical studies.
Andrew Nicolaides
1500-1530 Tea Break 1500-1530 Tea Break
Session IV:
ASVF/Venous Basic Science: Venous Anatomy And Pathophysiology
Chair: Andrew Nicolaides, Armando Mansilha
Session IV:
Carotid 2: CAS - New Technologies and Outcomes
Chair: Vikram Vijayan, John Swinnen, Peter Robless
1530-1540 MMPs in CVI
Ajay Khanna
1530-1540 Rethinking Management Strategies in Asymptomatic Carotid Disease
Kittipan Rerkasem
1540-1550 Hypoxia inducible proteins in varicose veins
Sim Lim Chung
1540-1550 Stroke risk stratification in patients with asymptomatic carotid stenosis.
Andrew Nicolaides
1550-1600 Embryology of the venous valve and valvular incompetence
Oliver Lyons
1550-1600 Carotid Artery Stenting - The Westmead Experience
John Swinnen
1600-1610 Wound biology in venous ulcers
Zee Upton
1600-1610 Patch or Not to Patch? Shunt or No Shunt?
Alun Davies
1610-1620 A new look at venous haemodynamics in CVI
Andrew Nicolaides
1610-1620 Strategy for treating the coexisting carotid stenosis and coronary artery disease
Ye Zhi Dong
1620-1630 3D studies in venous anatomy
Jean Francois Uhl
1620-1630 When is it safe to perform CEA/CAS after thrombolysis in acute stroke patients
Paul Chiam
1630-1640 Pathophysiogy of calf pump dysfunction
Mandika Wijeyaratne
1630-1640 Debate: CEA Will Always Be The Gold Standard For Symptomatic Moderate And Severe Carotid Stenosis
Ross Naylor (For)
1640-1650 Plethysmographic changes with compression therapy
Chris Lattimer
1640-1650 Debate: CEA Will Always Be The Gold Standard For Symptomatic Moderate And Severe Carotid Stenosis
Paul Chiam (Against)
1650-1700 CVI in the obese - reflux or functional obstruction
Robbie George

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