ASVS 2016 : 21-23 Oct Main Programme

Day 1: 21 Oct 2016, Friday

Venue Grand Ballroom 1 & 2, Level 3 Residence 1, Level 3 Residence 5, Level 3
0700-0800   Breakfast Session 1 : Biotronik
Chair: Naresh Govindarajanthran
1. BIOLUX P-III All-comers registry 12m data with Passeo-18 Lux DCB (John Wang)
2. Does stent design matter? - Chronic outward force and flexibility (Jiang Jun Hao)
3.BIOFLEX PEACE All-comers registry 12m data with Pulsar-18 stent (Shen Chen Yang)
4.BIOLUX 4EVER Trail 12m data - BIOTRONIK Combination therapy (Benjamin Leong)
5. Panel Discussion (Tang Tjun Yip)
0800-0930 Peripheral 1
Aorto Iliac occlusive disease
Chair: Peter Robless, Frank Criado
Aorta 1
Chair: Benjamin Chua, Hence Verhagen
Vascular Access 1
Strategies for Hemodialysis Access
Chair: John Swinnen, Jackie Ho, Park Jang-Sang
0800-0810 Surgical treatment of aorto iliac disease - the role in the modern era
Pramook Mutirangura
Whats new in Endoleak detection
Tay Kiang Hiong
Integrated Dialysis Systems: Maximising Benefits, Minimising Cost and Complications
John Swinnen
0810-0820 Covered stents for aortoiliac disease - what is the evidence?
Peter Goverde
Imaging modalities for Endoleak surveillance
Matthew Sebastian
Maximizing native vein AVF creation in patients out of usual access options
Zhang Lan 
0820-0830 The Pearls of Crossing Aorto-Iliac CTOs - How I do It 
Sven Braunlich
Results of treatment for persistent type 2 endoleaks. A systematic review
Hence Verhagen
Femoral vein as last resort for native vein fistula
Kittipan Reckasem
0830-0840 Lessons from a Decade of Remote Endarterectomy - How I would apply this to Aorto iliac Lesions?
Frans Moll
Improving the accuracy and automation of 3D overlays: a new approach
Tom Carrell
AVF success rate, is there method to further improve?
Jackie Ho
0840-0850 Interventional Salvage of Failed Aortoiliac Surgery
Donald Adam
False-lumen Growth in the Abdominal Aortic Region after Endovascular Repair for Type-B Aortic Dissection: Computational Study of Long-term Follow-up
Xiong Jiang 
Hemodialysis adequacy, Is the KDOQI criteria good for Asian patients
Christopher Leo
0850-0900 Long Term Outcomes of EVT for Aortoiliac Lesions - Real AI Registry
Osamu Iida
Ultrasound fusion imaging with real-time navigation for post-EVAR surveillance.
Joh Jin-Hyun
Current prosthetic conduits for dialysis access, any advancement?
Alfred Wong
0900-0910 Strategies for managing aortoiliac occlusions: access, treatment and outcomes.
Rahul Sheth
Computational flow dynamic imaging in aortic dissection.
Rick Gibbs 
Av-Guardian by Advent Access: Dialysis made easy
Ruey Feng Peh
Shervanthi Homer-Vanniasinkam
0910-0920 The cerab technique offers the best solution for aiod
Patrice Mwipatayi
3D printing guided in-situ stent graft fenestration during EVAR---is it really Feasible?
Wang Wei
Vascular accesses in special situations
Ngoh Chin Liew
0920-0930 Discussion Discussion Discussion
0930-1000 Tea Break
Session II:
Peripheral 2
Chair: Tjun Tang, Peter Schneider, Andrew Lennox
Aorta 2: Aortic controversies
Chair: Julian Wong, Jackie Ho 
Chair:Tarun Grover, Benjamin Chua, Kim Dong Ik
1000-1020 PVD Keynote 1
Bypass or endo for SFA disease: Are we likely to have an answer soon?
Peter Schneider 
Aorta Keynote 1
Single center experience of suprarenal/thoraco abdominal aneurysm repair
Anthony Lee
Vascular Malformations 1 Keynote
Multi-Modality Approaches to AVM Management
Kim Dong Ik
1020-1030 Live Case 1
(30 Mins)
Case Moderator: Kim Jang Yong
Operator: Changi General Hospital: Tan Yih Kai, Steven Kum, Tjun Tang, Derek Ho, Darryl Lim
National University Hospital: Jackie Ho
Chimney Innominate Artery for Zone O Landing
Luengtaviboon Kittichai
Combination sclerotherapy with alcohol and foam for AVms
Manish Rawal
1030-1040 Use of chimney and parallel grafts in complex aortic repair continues to expand, but many experts remain skeptical - Is this justified?
Frank Criado
Venous Malformation: Experience in Bangladesh
Niaz Ahmed Choudhary
1040-1050 Petticoat experience in dissections: any outcome difference between acute and chronic cases?
Liu Kuo-Sheng
Surgical management of AVMs
Kim Dong Ik
1050-1100 Debate: Open surgery is no longer the gold standard in TASC C/D Fem-Pop Occlusions
Kevin Varty (Against)
No more EVAR!! - the importance of EVAS from our long-term data of type II endoleaks.
Toru Kuratani
Endovascular Management on Vascular Malformation
1100-1110 Debate: Open surgery is no longer the gold standard in TASC C/D Fem-Pop Occlusions
Ramon Varcoe (For)
Total endovascular repair of chronic type B aortic dissection using combined arch branch and visceral branch devices.
Anthony Lee
Vascular Malformation: A Practical approach to treatment
Manish Taneja
1110-1120 3 year results of the OLIVE Registry.
Osamu Iida
PETTICOAT concept for Dissections
Chen Jer Shen
1120-1130 Discussion Discussion Discussion
1130-1230 Opening Ceremony    
1230-1330 Cook Lunch Symposium: Patient-Specific Treatment – How the Zenith portfolio can be used to get an optimal match between the patient and the device
Moderator: Peter Robless, Stephen Cheng
1. How I achieve optimal patient specific treatment with Zenith for iliac, abdominal, and short neck aneurysms (Donald Adam)
2. How I achieve optimal patient specific treatment with Zenith for thoracoabdominal aneurysms (Anthony Lee)
3. How I achieve optimal patient specific treatment with Zenith for thoracic aneurysms, transections, and dissections (Worawong Silsatkorn)
Session III
Aorta 3
Thoracic Aorta
Chair: Edward Choke, Glenn Tan
Peripheral 3
Chair: Chong Tze Tec, Harvinder Raj Sidhu
Vascular Access 2
Haemodialysis access preservation and salvage
Chair: Ngoh Chin Liew, Moon In Sung
1330-1340 Aorta Keynote 2
Insights from the MOTHER registry – Management of Thoracic Aortic Disease
Matt Thompson
Live Case 2
(30 Mins)
Operator: Changi General Hospital: Tan Yih Kai, Steven Kum, Tjun Tang, Derek Ho, Darryl Lim
National University Hospital: Jackie Ho
Dos and Don’ts for endovascular intervention for hemodialysis access
Ko Po-Jen
1340-1350 Secondary hemodialysis access to avoid bridging tunnelled catheter
John Swinnen
1350-1400 The current status of endovascular development on aortic diseases in China
Wang Shen Ming
What is the optimal treatment modality for AVG outflow stenosis?
Ye Zhi Dong
1400-1410 Chronic dissection: dealing with the visceral segment and a  fibrosed septum in CTBAD.
Donald Adam
Spot stent or Full Metal Jacket for the SFA - how do you decide?
Kim Jang Yong 
Use of covered stent for hemodialysis-related central venous occlusion-single center experience
Lou Wensheng
1410-1420 Proximal Aortic Dissection and Other Disasters After TEVAR Deployment: Can They be Predicted, Prevented, and What to do About It?
Frank Arko
Novel technologies for the SFA
Peter Schneider
Managing complications arising from catheter thrombectomy of blocked AVGs
Kan Chung Dann
1420-1430 Personal experience using COOK T-Branch Stent-Graft with 2 year follow up.
Anthony Lee
Self-Expanding Nitinol Stents Combined With Dcb: Treatment Rationale And Clinical Evidence
Patrice Mwipatayi
Managing limb ischemia complication and preserving dialysis access at the same time
Ngoh Chin Liew
1430-1440 TAA treatment indications based on diameter and other features remain unclear and supported by insufficient evidence
Frank Criado
20 year population based study on open vs endovascular limb salvage - the Mayo experience.
Manju Kalra
Application of stent grafts to salvage failing AV access, Taiwan experience
Jimmy Tan
1440-1450 The long-term results of Zone 0 TEVAR including arch branch device
Toru Kuratani
A new Generation DES for Ths SFA - 2 year results of the Eluvia Stent
Ramon Varcoe
Different management methods for AVF and AVG aneurysm
Park Jang Sang
1450-1500 Discussion Discussion Discussion
1500-1530 Tea Break
Session IV:
Peripheral 4
Chair: Jackie Ho, Chumpon Wilasrusmee
Aorta 4
Chair: Rajesh Dharmaraj Babu, Andrew Choong
Vascular Compression
Compression Syndromes 1
Chair: Sadhana Chandrasekar, Bill Tennant , Manju Kalra
1530-1540 Live Case 3
Changi General Hospital: Tan Yih Kai, Steven Kum, Tjun Tang, Derek Ho, Darryl Lim
National University Hospital: Jackie Ho
Understanding all of dissection treatment options – how important is having a choice of devices for every treatment choice.
Worawong Silsatkorn
Approaches to TOS
Bill Tennant
1540-1550 Managing Type B Aortic Dissection - what's the paradigm for sizing and planning?
Chen I-Ming
1550-1600 TEVAR treatment of TBAD has advanced impressively, but experts still disagree on many critical aspects - why?
Frank Criado
Imaging for TOS
Gervais Wan
1600-1610 The Angiosome concept - Evidence and Practice
Osamu Iida
Management of Stanford type B aortic dissection: A retrospective single center experience in the past decade
Xin Shi Jie
Effort Thrombosis: Mayo experience
Manju Kalra
1610-1620 Utility of DCBs in BTK - An update of the evidence
Sven Braunlich
Hybrid Treatment with thoracic abdominal aneurysm and aortic dissection 
Zhao Ji Chun
The Nutcracker syndrome
Alun Davies 
1620-1630 Its not about the Angiogram - Combining Wound care with Revascularization
John Lantis
Demographics of Aortic dissection in Asia
Chan Yiu Che
Management of Iliac vein compression
Seshadri Raju 
1630-1640 Mastering the Distal Bypass - How I do It?
Tadahiro Sasajima
The management of malperfusion syndrome from TBAD: A single center experience
Fu Wei Guo
Popliteal/Adductor entrapment syndromes
Alun Davies
1640-1650 CLI in ESRD - Bypass or Interventional
Terutoshi Yamaoka
Intervene early or hold your fire in acute type B dissections?
Matt Thompson
1650-1700 Discussion Discussion Discussion
Roundtable discussion: Andrew Lennox
Panellist:Peter Schneider, Ye Zhi Dong, Jimmy Tan, Korutani, Ngoh Chin Liew, Boonprasit Kritpracha, Peter Robless
1800-2200 Faculty Dinner

Day 2: 22 Oct 2016, Saturday

Venue  Grand Ballroom 1, Level 3 Grand Ballroom 2, Level 3 Residence 1, Level 3 Residence 5, Level 3 Grand Salon 1, Level 2
0700-0800 Bard Breakfast Symposium
A Discussion of Lutonix® Technology
Chairperson: Steven Kum
1. Sven Braunlich - Optimal DCB Performance LEVANT 2 and Global SFA Real-World Registry
2. Chong Tze Tec - Review of the LUTONIX® BTK Clinical Program
3.Tarun Grover - Drug Based Technologies in Peripheral Interventions – An Indian Experience
4. Kim Jang Yong - Case Discussion on DCB in Peripheral Interventions – Korean Experience
Philips Breakfast Symposium
Hybrid OR and advanced imaging guidance
1. Frans Moll
2. Hence Verhagen
3. Seshadri Raju
4. Marjolein van Lieshout
Session V: 0800-0930 Aorta 5
Abdominal / Ruptured Aneurysms
Chair: John Wang, Chng Siew Ping
Peripheral 5
Drug Eluting Technologies
Chair: Steven Kum, Ramon Varcoe
Diabetic Foot
Chair: Vikram Vijayan, John Lantis
Vascular Basic Science and Research
Chair: Shervanti Homer-Vanniasinkam, Alun Davies, Edward Choke
0800-0810 Ruptured AAA - Tips for great outcomes when using EVAR.
Yew Pung Leong
Live Case 4
(30 Mins)
Operator: Changi General Hospital: Tan Yih Kai, Steven Kum, Tjun Tang, Derek Ho, Darryl Lim
National University Hospital: Jackie Ho
Diabetic Foot Keynote
Wound and wound edge assessment
Keith Harding 
Tjun Tang  
0810-0820 Operating below AAA threshold of 5.5cm saves lives!!
Matt Thompson
The role of remote ischaemic preconditioning in vascular surgery
Stewart Walsh
0820-0830 Trouble in Paradise: How the ever-growing push for EVAR may not serve some patients well and be dangerous
Frank Criado
Sepsis Control in the Infected Diabetic Foot - IDFWG Guidelines and Practical Solutions
Ashok Kurup
The Essential Role of Oxygen in Wound Healing
Paul Hayes
0830-0840 Is a large neck a contraindication to EVAR?
Tarun Grover
Best of both Worlds - Drug and Stent. When I would use a DES.
Skyi Pang Yin-Chun
Role of multidisciplinary teams to manage diabetic foot disease
Manju Kalra
i-Flow For Assessment of Success of Lower Limb Intervention
Rajesh Dharmaraj Babu
0840-0850 What you need in the cupboard to manage ruptured AAAs.
Jimmy Tan
DCBs for long lesions - is the romance over?
Chen I-Ming
Diabetic foot – Detection, risk stratification, early interventions.
Kevin Varty
Stem cells in CLI
Stewart Walsh
0850-0900 The role of open repair in ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms.
Naresh Govindarajatran
Combination Arterectomy and DCBs - Current Evidence and my experience
Wu Tien Yu
Our Approach to Diabetic Limb Salvage - Our Experience at Mount Sinai
John Lantis
Metabonomics in vascular diseases
Alun Davies
0900-0910 Does anatomy influence the results of EVAR for ruptures?
Ming-Feng Li
How to deal with in stent restenosis
Peter Schneider
Indian Experience of DM Revascularisation: Angiosome vs Non angiosome
Ajay Yadav
MMPs - A potential therapeutic target in arterial disease
Chung Sim Lim
0910-0920 Tips and tricks for managing post EVAR complications.
Joon Hyuk Kong
Dos and Donts of Popliteal Stenting
Jiang Jun Hao
Bypass or Interventional treatment for the SFA - Which makes economic sense?
Chan Yiu Che
Biology of iodine in vascular ulcers
Luin Tongson
0920-0930 Discussion Discussion Discussion Discussion  
0930-1000 Tea Break
Session VI: 1000-1130 Aorta 6
Strategies for  Mycotic Aneurysms, IMH, PAU
Chair: Glenn Tan, Frank Criado, Boonprasit Kritpracha
Peripheral 6
Solutions for the CTOs and Coral Reef Lesion
Chair: Peter Schneider, Chong Tze Tec, Wang Shoei Shen
VS Training and Education 1
Vascular/Endovascular Training and Standards: The International Perspective
Chair: Leong Chuo Ren, Thodur Vasudevan, Peter Robless
Vascular Access 3
Matters Relating to Central Vein and Access Preservation
Chair: Tjun Tang, Ko Po-Jen , Kwon Taewon
1000-1010 Aorta Keynote 3
Management of mycotic aortic disease
Boonprasit Kritpracha
PVD Keynote 2
The Use of Bioresorbable Vascular Scaffolds in the Treatment of Arterial Disease of the Lower Limb
Ramon Varcoe
Training and Education 1
John Wang
What should be the optimal angioplasty balloon for failing hemodialysis access?
Tay Kiang Hiong
1010-1020 Vascular training in Malaysia: Challenges and Innovations.
Datuk Zainal Ariffin Azizi
Role of DCB in dialysis access salvage, what is the evidence?
Terrence Teo 
1020-1030 Clinical predictors and outcomes of endovascular therapy for immune related aortic pseudo-aneurysm
Ye Wei
Live Case 5
Changi General Hospital: Tan Yih Kai, Steven Kum, Tjun Tang, Derek Ho, Darryl Lim
National University Hospital: Jackie Ho
Training Vascular Surgeons – Challenges and the role of simulation
Kevin Varty
Covered stent for notorious dialysis access lesions, is it a magic bullet?
Ko Po-Jen
1030-1040 Mangement of Infected aortic grafts: The Mayo exp
Maju Kalra 
Vascular surgery training in Asia
Stephen Cheng
HeRO graft and other alternatives for upper limb access in the presence of central vein obstruction
John Wang
1040-1050 The Kommerell Conundrum: Recent insights on measuring and treating aortic diverticula
Frank Criado
Vascular Training in the UK
Louis Figelstone
Central vein stenting - what to watch out for?
Shi Yaxue
1050-1100 Optimizing infected aortic aneurysms with Aorto-Uni-Iliac devices
Hsieh Yung Kun
Atherectomy for Calcified Lesions
Ian Spark
Vascular Training in India
Varinder Bedi
Ultrasound guided hemodialysis access intervention
Leong Yew Pung
1100-1110 Efficacy of aortic stent grafts in the management of mycotic abdominal aortic aneurysm
Kan Chung Dann
Supera stent (5 years experience)
Chan Yiu Che
European Overview of Vascular Training
Frans Moll
Endovascular intervention for challenging central vein obstruction
Tarun Grover
1110-1120 Current Evidence for the Endovascular Treatment of Mycotic Aneurysms in Asia
Andrew Choong
Crossing CTOs tips and tricks
Andre Schmidt
ANZSVS Perspectives on Vascular training
Thodur Vasudevan 
1120-1130 Discussion Discussion Discussion Discussion  
1130-1230 Alexandre Chao Memoral Lecture
Science, Surgery and Society: Linking Discovery and Innovation to Better Healthcare
Shervanthi Homer-Vanniasinkam
Introduction: Lee Chee Wai
Session 4:
Medtronic Lunch Symposium
Boston Lunch Symposium: The REVELUTION in Lower Limbs Endovascular Intervention
Chairperson: Steven Kum
Panellist: Park Sun Cheol, Park Yang Jin, Chong Tze Tec, Chen I-Ming, Leong Yew Pung
1. Management of SFA Disease – My Algorithm (Ramon Varcoe)
2. Role of Atherectomy and DEB in lower limbs intervention – My practice (Marco Manzi)
3. Iliac vein compression – Using the right tools to get a good clinical result (Steven Kum)
Session VII
Aorta 7
New Stent graft technologies
Chair: Peter Robless, Frank Criado, Matt Thompso
ASVF - Key Trials In Venous Surgery - The ASVF Journal Club
Chair: Sriram Narayanan, Leong Yew Pung
Peripheral 7
No Option CLI
Chair:Tan Yih Kai, Dong-ik Kim, Pramook Mutirangura
Medicolegal issues and complications in Vascular Surgery
Chair: Julian Wong, Park YangJin, Teoh Ming Keng
Carotid 1: Controversies in Management
Chair: Edward Choke, Wang Jin Song
1330-1340 EVAS FORWARD - Nellix registry
Matt Thompson
Venous Live Case
(20 Mins)
Changi General Hospital: Tan Yih Kai, Steven Kum, Tjun Tang, Derek Ho, Darryl Lim
National University Hospital: Jackie Ho
PVD Keynote 3
Pushing the Boundary for CLI
John Lantis
Medical innovation – professional risks and safeguards.
Ming Keng Teoh
Carotid Keynote
Lessons Learned from 1000+ Carotid Endarterectomies
Ross Naylor
1340-1350 Insights from the Engage Registry
Hence Verhagen
Regulation of new medical devices and therapies in Singapore
Raymond Chua
1350-1400 Current results of endovascular repair of thoraco-abdominal aneurysms
Donald Adam
Preventing DVT reccurrence - a summary of recent RCTs
Andrew Nicolaides
Can Stem cells offer an answer to the "No Hope" patient?
Kim Dong Ik
When things go wrong – medicolegal implications
Kang YiXian
Cochrane review: Carotid Endarterectomy for Symptomatic Carotid Stenosis Kittipan Rerkasem
1400-1410 Endoanchors
Frank Arko
EVRA Trial
Francine Heatley
Evidence for Surgical Venous Arterialization - Re-visitig the evidence
Michiele Schreve
Managing Complications in Endovascular surgery: Treatment of infected EVAR device.
Kim Young-Wook
Treatment on carotid body tumor--experience from one single tertiary centre in China
Wang Jinsong
1410-1420 Long term results of chimneys in the aortic arch.
Ralf Kolvenbach
Roshan Bootun
Surgical Deep venous arterialisation for critical limb ischaemia - How I do it
Pramook Mutirangura
Serious Complication of Thoracic Stenting - RTAD
Tsai Chung Lin
Tips/Tricks for accessing high carotid lesiosns
Paul Hayes
1420-1430 Lessons learned from aortic arch branch endografting
Stephen Cheng
VeClose Trial
Andrew Jones
Percutaneous DVA -  A First in Man experience and 1 Year results
Steven Kum
Aortoesophageal fistula secondary to thoracic endovascular aortic repair of an acute type B aortic dissection
Zhou Wei Ming
Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital Experience on CEA
Murnizal Dahlan
1430-1440 Should an EVAR or EVAS device seal in neck thrombus?
Boonprasit Kritpracha
Oliver Lyons
Don’t say its over till you have tried this!  How I make a Sweet Dessert out of a "Desert Foot"
Marco Manzi
Complications of Endovenous Ablation: Avoidance Strategies and Treatment
Ahmed Shandall
Antegrade approach in left common carotid artery ostial stenting.
Lei Li
1440-1450 Ngoc Quang Nguyen: Challenging type B Aortic dissections The future of CVI management - what trials do we need
Alun Davies
Management of Beugers Disease
Deepak Selvaraj 
Lessons from cases – Panel discussion (All speakers) 20min What is the effect of statins on carotid atherosclerotic plaques: results of clinical studies.
Andrew Nicolaides
1450-1500 Discussion Discussion Extreme Bypass Options for End Stage CLI
Tetsuro Miyata
Panel Discussion Discussion
1500-1530 Tea Break
Session VIII:
Aorta 8
Short-Neck Aneurysms and Iliac issues - New Solutions
Chair: Tze Tec Chong, Matt Thompson, Robbie George
ASVF - Office Based Venous Practice
Chair: Sriram Narayanan, Ravul Jindal    
Peripheral 8
Endovascular or Open Cases from Hell - My Toughest Cases
Chair: Peter Goverde, Andrew Choong, Leong Chuo Ren, Andrej Schmidt
Diabetic Foot II
Chair: Shervanthi Homer-Vanniasinkam, Sadhana Chandrasekar, Kim Dong Ik 
Carotid 2: CAS - New Technologies and Outcomes
Chair: Vikram Vijayan
1530-1540 The down-Low on EVAS, chimney and complex aneurysms
Matt Thompson
Setting up an office based venous practice
Andrew Jones
Huynh Khuong Nguyen Maggot Debridement Therapy: worming your way out
Hari Krishnan Nair
Rethinking Management Strategies in Asymptomatic Carotid Disease
Kittipan Rerkasem
1540-1550 Results of the Endurant stent graft in challenging AAA anatomy
Patrice Mwipatayi
Ambulatory phlebectomy under LA
Niaz Ahmed Choudhary
Marco Manzi Revascularization vs Sepsis Control - Which comes forst and how do you decide?
John Lantis
Stroke risk stratification in patients with asymptomatic carotid stenosis.
Andrew Nicolaides
1550-1600 Update on parallel grafts for complex AAAs: the PERICLES and PROTAGORAS registries
Boonprasit Kritpracha
Financial and logistical preparation to setup a office based vein clinic in Asia
Vijay Thakore
Chen Yang Shen Soft Tissue Reconstruction and Skin Coverage after the dust has settled - Providing a Functional Foot  
Matthew Yeo
Carotid Artery Stenting - The Westmead Experience
John Swinnen
1600-1610 Use of EndoAnchor in Hostile Aortic Neck
Chad Tse
Office based endovenous laser therapy fpr advanced venous disease
Uldis Maurins
Aaron Wu I Hui Challenges in Managing Charcot's Foot
Gowreeson Thevendran
Patch or Not to Patch? Shunt or No Shunt?
Alun Davies
1610-1620 CO2 angiography for femoroiliac artery intervention.
Park Jang Sang
Modification of technique for Office based endovenous RFA 
Joh Jin Hyun
Benjamin Leong Rehabilitation and prosthetics in limb conserving amputation
Trevor Binedel
Strategy for treating the coexisting carotid stenosis and coronary artery disease
Ye Zhi Dong
1620-1630 Debate Pro EVAR/ IBD for aorto iliac aneurysms.
Renny Yuen
Non thermal endovenous ablation - Clarivein 
Thodur Vasudevan 
Zhang Fu Xian HBOT  for non healing wounds
Soh Chai Rick
When is it safe to perform CEA/CAS after thrombolysis in acute stroke patients
Paul Chiam
1630-1640 Debate Pro open surgery for aorto Iliac aneurysms.
Manju Kalra
Non thermal endovenous ablation - Venaseal
Chan Yiu Che
Chumpol Wongwanit Is durability in BTK interventions Important - Pua Uei Debate: CEA Will Always Be The Gold Standard For Symptomatic Moderate And Severe Carotid Stenosis
Ross Naylor (For)
1640-1650 Remolding effect of the proximal neck after EVAR.
Xiangchen Dai
Tumescent anesthesia - does composition of tumescence fluid matter
Ravul Jindal
Sang Su Lee Understanding and Applying the WIfI System - John Lantis Debate: CEA Will Always Be The Gold Standard For Symptomatic Moderate And Severe Carotid Stenosis
Paul Chiam (Against)
1650-1700 Discussion Discussion Discussion Discussion Discussion
1700-1730 Roundtable 2: Andrew Lennox (At Level 2,Grand Salon 1)
1900-2200 Gala Dinner        

Day 3: 23 Oct 2016, Sunday

Venue  Grand Ballroom 1, Level 3 Grand Ballroom 2, Level 3 Residence 1, Level 3
Session IX: 0800-0930 Aorta 9
Fenestrated and Branched Grafts
Chair: Benjamin Chua, Glenn Tan
Peripheral 9
Peripheral Masterclass: How I do it
Chair Steven Kum, Jackie Ho
Asian Innovations in Venous surgery
Chair: Sriram Narayanan
0800-0810 When to use a branch and when to use a fenestration
Donald Adam
Complications in Peripheral Intervention
Sven Braunlich
Managing Difficult RFA cannulations
Joh Jin Hyun
0810-0820 T-Branch experience: What we have learnt from case planning, patient selections, anatomical considerations, management.
Shih Chun Che
How Distal can You Go
Marco Manzi 
Managing complications in IVC filter retrieval
Gireesh Warwadekar
0820-0830 Stephen Cheng Crossing the Uncrossable SFA
Matthew Sebastien
Thromboaspiration and POBA only for Iliofmoral DVT 
Vijay Thakore
0830-0840 Proximal Scallops in the thoracic aorta and advanced techniques to overcome short proximal landing zones in TEVAR.
Rick Gibbs
Remote Endarterectomy for the SFA
Frans Moll
Venaseal ablation of GSV  with dorsal foot access for VLU
Sriram Narayanan
0840-0850 Management of accessory renal arteries during EVAR: A current update
Frank Criado
Debate: Distal Bypass remains the Gold Standard For BTK Limb Salvage
Sasajima ( for) vs Andrej Schmidt (Against)

Management of symptomatic chronic iliac vein occlusion
Ye Zhi Dong
0850-0900 Hybrid Thoraco Abdominal repair: NZ experience.
Thodur Vasudevan
Silicone tube bypass for Lymphedema treatment
Rajesh Hyderabadi
0900-0910 Anaconda Fenestrated Graft; Experience and outcomes of a personal series.
Kishore Sieunarine
How to achieve complicated arterial bypass surgery in critical limb ischemia
Pramook Mutirangura
CDT in treatment of acute DVT -  a single centre experience from China 
Zhang Fu Xian
0910-0920 Mangement of distal re entry tears after TEVAR for Aortic dissections.
Qingle Li
How I manage carotid artery Aneurysms and the carotid dissection.
Ross Naylor
Asian Guidelines fpr the management of CVI
Ngoh Chin Liew
0920-0930 Discussion Discussion Discussion
0930-1000 Tea Break
Session X:  1000-1130 Aorta 10
Aortic Arch - the New Frontier
Chair: Peter Robless, Victor Chao
Peripheral 10
Relevance of Open Surgery the Endovascular Era: Keep Calm and all a vascular surgeon
Chair: Frans Moll, Chai Kok Hoong, Matthew Sebastian, Raj Menon
Vascular Innovations and Breaking news
Chair: Tjun Tang, Andrew Choong
1000-1010 Aorta Keynote 4
Going beyond: The use of A-Branch for dealing with complicated arch pathologies
Stephen Cheng
PVD Keynote 4
When all Else fails, call a Surgeon
Frans Moll
The Future of Vascular Surgery
Peter Schneider
1020-1030 Solving the problem of the aortic arch
Donald Adam
Open conversion after EVAR procedures
 Kim Young-Wook
Altura Graft
Paul Hayes
1030-1040 The latest news about arch and elephant trunk open repair
Victor Chao
Iatrogenic Paediatric/Neonatal Arterial Limb Thrombosis - Diagnosis and Management
Kevin Varty
Will combined intraoperative morphological and physiological ultrasound improve outcomes of revascularization procedures?
Beat Walpoth
1040-1050 Unusual extraanatomic bypass to fit supraaortic vessels in complex arch aneurysm
 Tsai Chung-Lin
Vascular Reconstruction in Cancer
Edward Choke
New manufacturing process and stent design are key elements to improve clinical outcome: the iVascular SX stent example
Peter Goverde
1050-1100 False lumen thrombosis – How Important Is It
Chen Jer Shen
Surgery in a Warzone - A Personal Diary
John Swinnen
Development of a Novel, Biodegradable, Small-calibre Tissue-Engineered Vascular Graft for Arterial Revascularization.
Beat Walpoth
1100-1110 Multilayer stents in aortic dissections- Endovascular Treatment of ascending aortic pathology. 
Ralf Kolvenbach
Surgical Management of renal and visceral aneurysms
Manju Kalra
Drug coated balloon angioplasty in femoro-popliteal lesions: 2 year results from the In.PACT Admiral trial
Ian Spark
1110-1120 TEVAR for complicated aortic arch diseases
Chang Shu
Management of Prosthetic Patch Infection after CEA
Ross Naylor 
1120-1130 Rick Gibbs. Embolic protecion for aortic arch interventions Beyond the BASIL Trial
Donald Adam
Session 4: 1130-1230 Lunch

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